Explore The Meadoway

1. The Bermondsey-Western Gateway

The Bermondsey-Western Gateway at Bermondsey Road represents a critical point of interconnection between The Meadoway and the East Don Trail, a multi-use trail system currently under construction within the East Don Corridor.

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The Bermondsey-Western Gateway

2. Important Infrastructure and Transit Connections

As an active hydro corridor, The Meadoway contains a lot of important infrastructure that needs to be considered in the planning process, including the towers that transmit power across the City of Toronto.

Existing infrastructure also presents unique opportunities for The Meadoway, such as the TTC and Metrolinx rail corridor just east of Kennedy Road. A potential pedestrian bridge over this rail corridor will be explored, as well as ways to create "multi-modal hubs" of transit connectivity.

hydro lines and embankment

3. Park and Green Space Connections

The Meadoway spans 16 linear km across Scarborough, and in doing so connects numerous communities, parks, ravines and greenspaces.

One example is Thomson Memorial Park, a 42 ha greenspace that follows the West Highland Creek, with trails through dense wooded ravines and other park amenities such as dog parks, fitness equipment and a wading pool.

4. Scarborough Centre Butterfly Trail (from McCowan Rd. to Scarborough Golf Club Rd.)

The Scarborough Centre Butterfly Trail is an excellent example of what meadow restoration can look like within a hydro corridor. This 3.5 km section of The Meadoway boasts over 40 ha of restored meadow habitat and provides an east to west multi-use trail that connects communities and enhances recreational opportunities for the local residents. Meadow restoration and continued adaptive management will occur (where site-appropriate) across the full 16 km stretch of The Meadoway.

Scarborough Centre Butterfly Trail

5. Urban Agriculture

Spaces for people to grow their own produce, such as at the Daventry Allotment Gardens, are found throughout The Meadoway. Other opportunities for urban agriculture will be explored through planning and consultation with the public and stakeholders.

Urban Agriculture Hydro Corridor

6. Impressive Ravine Systems & Potential Water Crossings

The ravine system is one of the most distinctive features of the geography of Toronto, consisting of deep ravines that form a large urban forest running through much of the city.

Several impressive ravines, such as the Highland Creek, intersect with The Meadoway, offering an immersive experience within Toronto's amazing ravine greenspace.

Through the multi-use trail Class Environmental Assessment underway for The Meadoway, opportunities to connect with and traverse a number of ravines in the form of safe pedestrian bridge crossings will be explored.

Ravine Systems and Water Crossings

7. Expanding the Trail Network

During the planning, design and implementation for The Meadoway multi-use trail, opportunities to connect with adjacent trail systems will be explored, such as the Highland Creek Pan Am Trail that runs south towards Lake Ontario.

By identifying and connecting with other trail systems, we can rapidly expand the trail network, and therefore opportunities for active transportation throughout Scarborough.

8. 401 Crossing

Highway 401 represents a significant piece of existing infrastructure that crosses The Meadoway.

While alternative trail alignments routing users south of the highway will be explored through the environmental assessment process, a separate study will be undertaken to explore the feasibility of constructing a pedestrian crossing.

9. Existing Multi-use Trail

To date, approximately 10 km of existing multi-use trail has already been built within the 16 km footprint of The Meadoway, including this stretch of trail from Conlins to Meadowvale Road.

Through the Class Environmental Assessment process, we will be filling in the remaining 6 km of hydro corridor with new multi-use trail, stitching together the existing trail networks and building a fully connected active transportation route.

Existing Multi-use Trail

10. Connections to Rouge National Urban Park & The Toronto Zoo

The Meadoway will provide a complete east-west trail network, allowing people to bike, walk, run - whatever active mode of transportation they choose - from downtown Toronto all the way to the Rouge National Urban Park!

Rouge National Urban Park